Anodised aluminium for the price of steel.

We know that Spitfire aluminium trailers can compete in length and capacity with quality galvanised steel trailers the mid to large size.

However if you consider our standard inclusions, we are untouchable.

Add to that our lighter weight advantage.

Check below to see our standard inclusions


Stainless Steel Winch.

 CNC  machine cut from marine grade 316 Stainless offers a lifetime of service.

Did you know that all Spitfire Trailer Designs are certified by independent Australian Vehicle Engineers to meet Australian Compliance.



Hydraulic Disc Brakes with ALKO Master Cylinder .

Cable Mechanical Brakes are always in need of adjustment to take up cable stretch...and they just do not give the confidence you need for stopping when that critical moment arises.

Spitfire's hydraulic disc brakes can provide the reliability needed and negate the need for constant cable adjustment. 


We aim for perfection

The chassis of a Spitfire trailer is bolted together. This has the advantage over welded chassis in that it allows some movement that comes from the flex of aluminium and eliminates cracking at the welds.

In cases where we do weld, such as the winch post, this is done prior to hardening.

The winch post is 8mm thick and supported by gussets for maximum strength.

Did you know that every braked Spitfire Boat Trailer, be it a 1,120 kg - 1,500kg - 1850kg 2,000kg or 2,500kg trailer are all built on the Certified 3 ton Chassis ?

The only difference are tyres, wheels and axles to suit your boats ride.


Certified Safety Chains

Braked trailers under 2 ton are only required to have one safety chain.

All Spitfire braked trailers be it a 1,120KG - 1500KG - 1850 KG all have twin safety chains.

The chain is certified and stamped on each 5th link.

Further the chains are secured by certified Hammer Locks.

Securing bolts inside the draw bar are fitted with compression tubes for maximum strength.


Alloy Wheels with newly developed High Gloss P.E. Mudguards with UV protection. 

Mudguard brackets are also adjustable in height to accommodate shallow or deep V hulls, still allow mudguard clearance on the hull in Deep Vs and offer the lowest possible entry to combat lack of water at low tide.


Hot Dipped Galvanised Jockey Wheel.

Many trailers have electro plated jockey wheels that just don't make the grade in salt conditions.

Spitfire's hot dip galvanised jockey wheels will provide years of protection.


Torsion Axle Suspension

Torsion Axle Independent ride offers the gentlest of rides and removes the chance of broken leaf springs.

Did you notice we did not say torsion axle suspension... but ride.

The reason is that torsion axle is not a suspension.

A suspension is a system where your boat sits on the trailer chassis.

The trailer chassis sits on the springs, suspended above the axles.

This suspension allows a lot of side stress on your trailer and it's load.

Every time you turn a corner or pass a semi the wind will apply great side forces.

Leaf spring suspension systems means your chassis is carrying the load of your boat, your springs carrying the load of your chassis and your boat and your axles suspended below are carrying them all of these forces.

Your boat rides higher.

That is 1920s technology.

Think about this.

For safe towing, comfortable ride and long trailer life, the weight should have the Centre of Gravity over the axles to allow the correct balance to the tow ball weight.

Spitfire Trailer's design allows you to longitudinally adjust the suspension to place the centre of gravity over the axles without drilling holes. This adjustment allows the correct weight on the ball for safe towing.

Because the axles are the cross members and the C of G is over the axles, your cassis is not carrying the full weight that it would be if it were suspending the whole boat above a set of leaf springs. 

One could say the chassis is basically just pulling the axles along and 80% of the boat weight is where it should be... on the axles.

Overall a much lower entry for loading at low tide and less stress on the trailer chassis from side sway compared to leaf sprung boat trailers.

Perfection is a wonderful thing.


Marine grade 316 stainless steel fittings.

Apart from the Anodised, Hardened Aluminium in your chassis, every bracket, nut, bolt, washer and fitting is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Many of these parts are mirror finished and also embossed with laser engraving to proclaim the quality that spitfire Trailers are.

We are proud of the product we produce and we want it to be the last trailer your boat ever needs to buy.

Not only will this stainless be around in it's current form for a thousand years or until recycled into a different object, it will increase the value of your rig if you should decide to sell it, before that thousand years is up.


Extra Steps.

Not only is 316, mirror finish, engraved stainless steel, like 'Diamonds are forever', it is practical.

Spitfire's 5mm thick light brackets are usable as strong steps.

The 5mm thick tie down brackets also offer security to your rig.

Safety Points.

Tie down safety points are on the rear and this is in addition to the Winch Post safety chain.


Quadruple Locked Legs and U Bolt Saddles.

There is nothing more alarming than to be travelling along 1,000 ks from home to your remote fishing spot and see your boat sitting at an angle on your trailer... because the legs that hold your rollers or bunks have moved.

Spitfire Roller and Bunk legs have a quadruple locking system that is CNC milled to .002 of a millimetre tolerance.

The brackets lock around the leg and then lock around the cross member ensuring vertical stability.

The front and back locking plate ensure non slip if loaded  correctly within ATM limits.

The U Bolts have the finest of tolerances to minimise play resulting in a leg locking system in 316 stainless steel that will hold the legs both vertical and tight.

Added to this are the little things like using Aluminium Saddles under the U Bolts to prevent the shoulders of the U bolt from tightening into the anodised finish of the cross member which would break the electrical protection that anodising provides to prevent electrolysis. 

It is this attention to detail, as a result of decades of experience, that make Spitfire Boat Trailers the leader in the industry.


Stainless Steel Brake Cylinders.

Did you know that all braked Spitfire trailers in our standard design come with stainless steel brake cylinders in our hydraulic brake clippers ? This is standard equipment.

Just another small attention to detail were offer to provide the world's best  boat trailer.


 Selecting the right Bunk Material.

Carpet bunks cause osmosis and will destroy your hull... the continual moisture collected from humidity due to  salt retention in the carpet, rain, dew running down your boat every night and collecting in the carpet can have devastating and extremely costly results.

Spitfire Bunks are made from HDPE.... not carpet.

HDPE is a  highly slippery material, it  is slightly softer than fibreglass gel coat and will not damage good fibreglass.

Spitfire Bunks are, in addition designed with deep and wide groves to allow the maximum of airflow and dryness to your hull, the ultimate in protection to both aluminium and fibre glass hulls.


Spitfire Rollers

If your choice of trailer configuration is for a roller trailer then you can be confident that Spitfire rollers are supported on 25mm diameter x 316 stainless steel spindles and the rollers are of a 3 x process manufacture.

The inner opaque which runs on the spinal is like a bearing and  is made from very hard PA.

The white, which would represent the rim of a wheel, is made from hard PE and the outer blue, which touches the hull is made from a soft PU.

Rollers do not get any better than this.


Reversing Lights

We know boating.. and we know most people come home after a great day out in the dark and need to back the boat and trailer.

For this reason Spitfire trailers have 2 x powerful reversing lights.

In addition to this there are "Down Lights" in each light which shine onto the ground giving some light if you need to make a check inspection of the trailer / motor leg on the side of a dark road.

Spitfire Number plates are also on a hinge to allow some swinging tolerance for crossing steep gutters.


What is so significant about Anodised Aluminium ?

We believe that Spitfire is the only manufacturer in the world making an anodised aluminium boat trailer.

Please correct us, if we are wrong.

The advantages of anodising are several but the main advantages  are that it breaks the electrical conductivity that is present in raw mill finish aluminium.

This minimises the chance of electrolysis between metals of disimular nobility.

The other advantage, probably like the door handle on your fridge, Anodised aluminium is hard wearing and can withstand years of wear and exposure to salts and pollutants.

Unlike galvanising or powder coat painting, anodising is not a plating on the surface. It can not peel or flake off.

Anodising is, an electrolytic passivation process of the base metal, used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the aluminium.

Our manufacturing process is unique in that our trailers are not only made from anodised aluminium, but hardened aluminium 6061 T6.

When aluminium is extruded it has a hardness of T4. This is very soft and easy to bend.

The Spitfire manufacturing process is unique in that we extrude the metal cut it to length, CNC drill required holes, bend where necessary, brush away any factory production marks and then return it to the extrusion division to harden it in it's bent shape.

It would be a fair bet to say that if an aluminium trailers is not made in an excursion factory, then it is a fair chance is made from T4, because it is not possible to bend T6 as it cracks.

Finally we then anodise it at the extrusion division and this anodise is over welds, inside tubes and even in the drilled holes.

Total protection inside and out on a product that is oven hardened to comply with the Certification compliance requirments.


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Modular design - The Choice is yours.

Spitfire Trailers are modular and can be any  configuration to suit your needs and conditions.

As well we offer extras such as easy Loader Guides, Extension draw Bars, Adjustable keel rollers etc.

Check out the options on our Modular Page.

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