7 Metre- 2 Ton, wide body, Anodised Trailer with 316 Stainless Steel fittings for $4,999 + GST

Spitfire Trailers in Perth are offing the Spitfire AASS 7000 -2000 kg 'Low Profile'  Dual axle bunk trailer which  is one of the lowest  trailers on the market ... Lowest in price and lowest in height and ideal for shallow water launching and retrieval.


West Australia Perth

Phillip Stead

Phone: 0400 693 232


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The anodised Aluminium, with 316 Stainless Steel fittings and Independent Vehicle Engineer Certified design and construction will see this trailer outlast both your boat and you.

Custom Design.

We understand that we all like to use things that we are familiar with and change is difficult to accept and while the bunk trailer design has taken over the trailer market in USA and no doubt will eventually do the same world wide, you may wish to customise your trailer to suit your familiar needs.

This Model, like all new Spitfire Anodised Aluminium 316 Stainless Steel Spitfire Trailers ... code named the AASS  Models, can be fitted with an array of Spitfire accessories including;

Centre keel rollers

Keel Roller Ladder Rack

Additional Bunks

3 metre extension draw bar

... and can be customised to come with all rollers... or a  combination of rollers and bunks. 

Now a word about bunks....

Any fibre glass boat builder, boat dealer or experienced boatie  will tell you that carpet bunks cause osmosis.

Osmosis is like a cancer to fibre glass and causes blistering, deterioration and separation of glass hulls.

This is caused by continuous moisture applied to a part of the hull and is accentuated and promoted by contact with wet carpet.

Carpet holds moisture and this might be from rain or dew that runs down the hull every night.

The wood and carpet used by most trailer makers holds this moisture and the end result is osmosis.

Spitfire Bunks are made, not from wood and carpet, but from  anodised aluminium and a very slippery PE which has moulded ventilated groves for prevention of water retention and promotion of air flow... and provides for easy launching and retrieval.

Check out our Gallery photos to see the design and quality.

Spitfire is not about conforming with the industry norm of low cost production offering standard accepted features... but committed to using our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best product in it's class for both practical use and protection of your valuable asset.

 Spitfire "Specials"  are available for a limited time at special promotional prices  from participating distributors. 

Independent Certification

Every Spitfire trailer Design is Certified by independently Vehicle Certification Engineers and designed to meet or exceed the Australian Motor vehicle Act 1989, the  VSB1 and it's Amendments.