Modular design - You make the choice

Boat ramps, tide height, hull design, boat length and operator experience all 

can determine if you want a Roller Trailer or a Bunk Trailer.

Spitfire Aluminium Trailers are modular in design and you can choose a design to suit your needs.


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Simple and easy.


Bunk Trailers are relatively new to Australia but almost the norm internationally.

The standard bunk trailer is one of the easiest to use and if you can guide your boat between the bunks there are no brackets or metal  to damage your boat.

Bunks with Keel Rollers


Bunks and Keel Rollers... May be your conditions require both...

Easy, it is just a case of asking your Spitfire Distributor to configure the trailer to your desire.

Easy Loader Guides


Spitfire Easy Loader Guides  do not weaken your trailers structural integrity as do some U Shaped rear cross members.

These are inexpensive and fit to both Bunk and Roller models offering total protection when loading.

Extension Draw Bars


Are you beach loading or at an area of extremely low tides ?

Spitfire offer draw bare extensions for all models.

Seamless total protection.


Easy Loader Guides are an inexpensive extra and offer total seamless protection.

Adjustable Keel Rollers


Our Modular designs include a range of extras from fixed to adjustable Keel roller brackets