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ADELAIDE South Australia

Spitfire  are proud to announce the opening of  our Adelaide  branch on October 20th, 2019.

Andrew van Ryneveld is the dealer principal and the dealership will be located at 614- 616 South Road Angle park SA 5010 next to Sports Marine.

Orders can be placed now by phoning Andrew on 0450 731952 with delivery in late October.



Andrew van Ryneveld

Spitfire Boat Trailers (SA)

Unit 2,  616 South Rd.

Angle Park SA 5010

PH: 0450 731 952


ACT - Sydney - NSW South Coast

Jeff & Sue Proud

Phone: 0437 62 62 69




Peter EbbottPhone: 0419721107Email: 


Gold Coast

Peter EbbottPhone: 0419721107Email:


West Australia Perth

Phone:    Ron 0400 210 274

               Phil 0400 693 232



Sunshine Coast

Peter Ebbott

Phone: 0419721107




Michael Tyson

Phone: 0474 578 365



Phillip Island

Grant Angrove

Phone: 0432678266



West Australia Perth

Phil Stead

Phone: 0400 693 232



West Australia South Albany

Kalvin Gleave

Phone: 0427 418 150



Your name could be here ...

Only a few times each centuary does a new product become a global success.

We are a very new company and you could be part of the Spitfire story....

Luck can open the door... but you still need to walk in.




Jessie Ding

Phone: 188 2390 91334



Africa- Middle East



South America and the Pacific


Your name could be here ...

Only a few times each centuary does a new product become a global success.

We are a very new company and you could be part of the Spitfire story....

Luck can open the door... but you still need to walk in.



Spitfire Aluminium Trailer's Ultimate Range is the 4rd generation of anodised brushed and hardened 6061 - T6 aluminium trailers featuring all 316 Stainless steel brackets and hardware.

Our aim at Spitfire is to offer the ultimate in quality at a competitive price.

Recommended Retail Prices above are based on capital or major city stock and may be slightly higher in regional and remote areas.


Trailers over 2,000 kg require a break away braking system and as there are different options available to suit purchasers, the above prices  do not include this system.

Model Identification;

The goal of Spitfire Trailers is to produce the highest quality product available at a fair price and as such design, materials, components, and accessories  on this web site in images or description may have changed.

It is important to confirm the current specifications  with your Spitfire dealer prior to any purchase.

Warranty; All Spitfire products are covered by awarranty for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Chassis are Warranted for 24 months.

Warranty does not cover 'Off Road' use.

Warranty is transferable to subsequent purchasers .

Please confirm your warranty options with your Spitfire manufacturer prior to any purchase.

Warranty is applicable to parts and labor.

A condition of warranty is that the trailer be returned to the original place of purchase.

However a Spitfire customer can have peace of mind there are other  manufacturers of Spitfire Trailers around the country who can support with spare parts and assistance when travelling.

Modifications or unauthorised repairs carried out by third parties will not be covered by warranty.

Warranty will not cover wear and tear items such as Brake Linings, Wheel Bearings or Seals.

Modification; All Spitfire Trailer Models are Certified by independent vehicle engineering companies to meet or exceed the Motor Vehicle Act 1989 and VSB 1 design rules for light trailers.

Any modification,  design change, or addition to the original will void manufactures warranty unless approved in writing by the Spitfire manufacturer.

Tips for safe boating and long term trailer performance;

* Repack bearings with marine bearing grease every 6 months.

* Be aware that when you submerge a hot hub into cold sea water the contraction will suck water into the hub.

* Most Spitfire Trailers come with bearing buddies as standard, ensure the grease is toped regularly.

* Some small axles do not come with bearing buddies, ensure their hub is full of grease.

*  Keep lubrication up to winch cogs.

*If a Jockey Wheel becomes tight to wind, dismantle and re-grease the worm drive.

* Ensure you connect a safety chain from the winch post to the Bow Eye in case of winch failure.

* Check nuts and bolts before every trip and ensure wheel nuts are correctly tensioned.

* Ensure your boat is correctly secured from the bow eye in a backward direction  to the draw bar adjustable tie down bracket. This will prevent forward momentum of the boat from the trailer in the event of a frontal collision by the towing vehicle.

* Do not use ratchet straps or over tighten turn buckles at this point as this will flex the trailer and effect the towing stability.

* Check for any damage to the chassis

* Never exceed the ATM  or the  Tare and Load weight.

* Ensure your load is balanced with approximately 10% of the total weight of boat and  trailer is on the tow ball of the towing vehicle.

* Too much 'Ball weight' will cause steering difficulties on the towing vehicle.

* Too little 'Ball weight' will cause 'Fish Tailing' which is an extremely dangerous condition which will certainly lead to loss of steering control of  your vehicle with probable deadly results.

Trailers for sale by Spitfire Trailers Australia are new trailers and manufactured entirely from new parts and materials