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We are not newbies when it comes to boating and we have made the mistakes that many make.

When we look back over our 50 year experience we remember as young guys we have gone on the 10 day fishing / camping trip.

Yes, we loaded our boat up like you would the back of a ute, filled it with fuel because it was cheaper at home, carried extra fuel, the BBQ, 10 cartons of beer, a tent, spare wheels, a generator, esky, camp stretchers,  and we have loaded 3 ton or more on a 2 ton trailer and blown tyres on the way.

Today things are more policed.

The transport Inspectors check the weight at boat ramps and we must be more responsible, but we still ensure that every Spitfire trailer is more than adequate to meet it's designed needs.

Every Spitfire trailer is Certified by independent vehicle engineers before it goes into production.

But that's not all... in addition, we use our certified 3 Ton Chassis on all our braked trailers.

This means if you buy a 2019 Spitfire AASS model trailer.. it does not matter if it is a 3,000kg, or  2,000kg, or a 1,500kg or  even a 1,120 kg ATM trailer... your chassis will be the same certified 3 Ton chassis as our 3 ton trailers are made from.

So today, when we design and build a boat trailer we look at everything from the winch to the tail lights and make sure the accessories we use are worlds best quality.

All Spitfire accessories are certified to meet the high standards of Australia's Vehicle Standards Code VSB1 & Amendments.

These standards are amongst the worlds highest and when combined with an independent Australian Vehicle Engineer Structural Certification, Spitfire trailers not only meet the State transport requirements of compliance, but also meet the Australian 1989 Motor Vehicle Act.



Every boat owner has specific individual needs.

These may be your local tide variation, your ramp quality, your hull design or your experience.

''The Modular design of Spitfire's 2019 Model Range allows you to customise your trailer to suit your specific needs.

We offer a range of very reasonably priced 'extras' which include;

 Extension draw bars for low tide areas

Easy loader guides so that it is impossible for your boat to make contact with metal when loading

Keel rollers

Keel roller ladder racks

A multitude of bunks and or a combination of bunks, rollers or all of either.

At Spitfire we have a saying...

Quality, design and colour cost nothing.

It takes the same amount of material to make a bad product as it does to make a good product.

The difference is design, management and quality control.

... and we have another saying.

You make your money when you buy something... not when you sell it.

38 years of manufacturing experience allow us to buy the materials at the right price, minimise production costs and offer a world's best anodised aluminium and 316 stainless steel product for a similar or better price than a galvanised steel trailer.

Not to mention, 316 stainless steel winches, light weight torsion axle suspension, alloy wheels and hydraulic disc brakes as standard inclusions.

Water proof LEDv light with powerful reverse light for when you come home at night.

We know boating and we know what matters.




We may be the world's only ANODISED and Hardened Aluminium boat trailer manufacturer.

Anodising, apart from protecting the surface of your trailer, anodising  counteracts the flow of electricity which causes electrolysis when metals of dissimilar metal nobility make contact.

In addition, an anodised aluminium Spitfire trailer will increase your resale value when it comes time to sell  your rig.

Compare the price of a Spitfire aluminium trailer and our highest possible quality accessories with a galvanised steel trailer and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Standard inclusions apart from the anodised hardened 6061 - T 6 aluminium and 316 stainless steel fittings are;

Alloy Wheels

Hydraulic disc brakes

Torsion axle suspension

Quality LED waterproof  Lights

Twin powerful reversing  lights

316 Bolts, nuts and washers

Draw Bar Tie down points to secure your boat in case of frontal collision 

Twin Safety Chains  on all braked trailers... and a range of accessories that provide a 3 metre extension draw bar for low tidal conditions to Easy Loader wings that make it impossible for your boat to hit metal if you can guide it between the tail lights on retrieving.

... and we do not use carpet bunks which cause osmosis on fibre glass boats... we use a PE bunk cap which is super slippery and designed with both  drain and air flow groves to ensure a dry contact with the hull.

Designing a Spitfire trailer for us, is not just a business... but a passion to offer the world's best.

We have the experience, we get pride and enjoy to use this experience to make the best quality product for the most competitive price.

Treat others, as you would that they treat you.

Become a Spitfire Dealer or a Distributor

eA word from our CEO

The Spitfire Trailer Corporation Limited is the first trailer company in decades to really redefine the boat trailer design and quality.. to back our designs with Certification by independent Australian vehicle engineers and bring the boat trailer into the 21st century using anodised light weight materials to maximise your payload as well as 316 stainless steel materials that will outlast both you and your boat.

In a couple of short years the Spitfire trailer has been accepted as 'Worlds Best Quality' at a comparable price to the traditional steel galvanised trailer... and with the highest quality accessories and without the pains of rust.

In two short years, Spitfire Aluminium Trailers have been accepted and are now exported to 13 countries globally. 

As a Boat Dealer your rig will reek of quality and offer far higher quality and acceptance than any competitors product and at a comparable price.

As a Spitfire  Distributor you will become part of a global network for the area of your exclusive agency and in a couple of short years, you will reap the enjoyment and financial benefits of owning part of this global network.

Each century only a handful of  companies become exceptional in their field and survive to become legends or icons.

Johnny Walker in the early 1800s , Winchester and Colt in the mid to late 1800s.

 Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, BMW, Ford, Boeing and Rolex around a hundred years ago.

All of these companies excelled in their field and became legends and icons of quality because of the dedication of management to excel by making their product the best of the best.

This is the same attitude that drives Spitfire Management today.

Henry ford is often credited with being the inventor of the production line.

 This is not true, although he did improve the line and build his company on this premiss to provide a quality product at an affordable price and became a legend by producing an icon that lives after him.

Yet it was not until WW II that Ford produced what we would today call, practical and drivable vehicles.

My father served in WW II in a transport division as a mechanic and at the end of the War he was so impressed with Ford vehicles that he became a Ford dealer.

Although he passed away 40 years ago, his dealership still operates under his name today.

A legacy of his principals and ethics.

The family principals and reputation of fair trading is the legacy passed to me.

It is this pride and belief that we should treat others as we would, that they treat us, to provide a quality product at a fair price for the mutual benefit of all.

He was a pioneer in the sale of modern models of Ford motor cars in the 1940s and I remember as a 9 year school child when the Ford XP Falcon was about to be launched, my father proudly gave me a Falcon tie pin... to go with my school uniform... and with the launch of the Ford Falcon in the 1960s, each Falcon buyer got a Ford Falcon tie pin.

He was proud to be associated with Ford which he believed was .. and it was... a fine affordable product.

Yes he was proud, as I am proud today to be driving the Spitfire network to emulate the Henry Ford philosophy.

A quality product at an affordable price.

Ford never obtained the status of Mercedes etc.. but it has endured to become an international icon.

We at Spitfire are not without experience in both boat trailer use, lean management practices and the time managed production methods that are required for the manufacturing of quality boat trailers at an affordable price.

We know we all make our money when we buy something... not when we sell it... and we use this knowledge to be the best at what we do.

We know it takes the same weight of material to make a bad product or an excellent product.

The difference is experience, design, quality control and management.

We are determined to be the best at what we do and we have the confidence and pride to believe that we have that experience, that determination and the ability to succeed to make Spitfire a legend in the 21 st. Century.

If you are a boat dealer or a potential Spitfire distributor, you are lucky. You can have a chance to be part of this story because you are reading this now.

You know what is coming.

Yet while luck can open the door for you...  you still need to walk in.

Registered boat dealers and interested potential Spitfire Distributors who can see the future as we see it,  have a desire to stand behind a world's best product  and become part of developing a legend which you can speak to your grand children about with pride, are invited to contact Spitfire in the strictest confidence.

Trevor Hansen JP


Spitfire Trailer Corporation Limited

Phone: 0488 055 428